*screen must be clicked again after pressing "run game" in order to work*

Welcome to The Bashkuara Archipelago! observe the dueling crabs and birds of Welt Island, frolick with the dogs on Clementine's Grove, participate respectfully in rituals in the Holy Land of Syte, find serenity in the flowers blooming in the flower pot, and experience natures lifecycle in the Isle of Seasons! Several never before seen animals inhabit these lands and six unique flowers grow from the soil. Explore to the fullest, or merely find somewhere nice to stop and watch the clouds pass by.

Made with Unity and doodlestudio95

Original music by me


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i want to live here!!! there was so much thought and personality put into this. great job!

thank u so much !!!! 


This is so lovely, I love the beautiful scenery and how freaking adorable those little dogs are!! I really want to live on this island now!!!

thanks Minh!


This is great! Really lovely. I loved walking on the bridges, the beautiful calming soundtrack, the flowers and little islands and giant matriarch. My game ended when I fell into the moat after finding out it was someone's birthday; I couldn't crawl out! 11 out of 10 stars. Go Chilly Island!